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DogDental hygiene for a pet is often over looked, but pets may have the same kinds of problems as humans, including pain, infection and tooth loss.

A routine check of your pets teeth, gums and oral cavity is very important for the their overall health. We have the state-of-the art equipment at the hospital to diagnose and provide the best care for your pets dental needs.

At Sanatoga Animal Hospital we also utilize X-Ray technology to provide your pet with the highest level of medical care. We are committed to providing cutting edge technology to help us better treat your pet.

We recommend that your pets should have periodic dental exams. The frequency of the dental exam however depends on the animal's age:

Puppies Dental exam should be given to the puppies at their first puppy exam and at every appointment thereafter.
1 - 3 Years Annually, unless a dental problem occurs.
4 Years and up Every 6 months, unless a dental problem occurs.