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surgery-roomAfter a thorough examination of your pet's illness we may suggest if a surgical procedure is necessary. This is prescribed to ensure that your pet leads a long and healthy life.

We are also proud to offer CO2 laser surgery as well as therapeutic laser for pain relief. Laser technology helps promote healing and allows your pet to recover more quickly.

In order to perform surgical procedures we utilize anesthetic agents and pain relief. General anesthesia is accomplished by the use of a number of drugs. These drugs can be administered by injection between the superficial layers of skin, into the muscle, or directly into the blood system. We also use inhalant anesthesia, Isoflurane with oxygen.

During surgery, the anesthetized patient is monitored with ECG/Pulse Oxymeter and respiratory monitors.

We will provide you with specific instructions about feeding and watering your pet, the day prior to your pet's surgery. Inform the hospital staff if your pet was inadvertently fed or watered beyond the times suggested by us. You will be given additional instructions at the time of your pet's admission to our hospital. Our staff is always available to answer any last minute questions you might have about the surgery.

Upon entering the hospital, make sure that your pet is adequately restrained on a leash that is attached to an appropriate sized collar. You can transport small dogs or cats in a suitable sized ventilated carrier.

After the surgery we will provide you a progress report and our findings. We will also provide the instructions for the post surgical care.

Common surgical procedures performed at the hospital include:

  • Spays

  • Neuters

  • Bladder stone removal

  • Fracture repair

  • Eyelid surgery (Entropion, Ectropion)

  • Tumor removals