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If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness at all, please reschedule your appointment or call us to inform us that another trusted guardian will be bringing your pet in. We have changed our patient and client protocol to protect our community from COVID-19 under OSHA and AAHA guidelines for infection control and safety as follows:

1. Upon arrival in the parking lot, please call our office to inform us that you have arrived with your pet(s). Please be prepared to provide your cell phone number and credit card number over the phone. Our dedicated staff will take credit card (VISA, DISCOVER, AND MASTERCARD ONLY) information in order to process your payment confidentially, with no information kept on file. Due to pandemic precautions in our office, we are not accepting Cash, Checks, or money orders. Further instructions will be given over the phone. Our phone number is 610-326-6346.

2. Once, our office is ready for you and your pet, we will call you and tell you to bring your pet through the front door of the practice. Without a mask you will not be served. Before nearing any of our staff members, you must wear a mask for everyone's safety. You will pass your pet off to our staff there. You can either sit there in the vestibule, or you can return to your car. Please do not enter our building unless directed to do so. We can only have one person occupying the vestibule at a time. Please remain on the premises during your pet's appointment time. Do not abandon your pet here.

3. Once your pet has been brought into the office, your appointment/procedure will proceed, sometimes with the option to have phone/video chat consultation while you remain seated in the glass vestibule or seated in your own vehicle. Payment will be processed using the details you provided upon your arrival.

4. Once the appointment is complete, our staff will call you and tell you to please return to the front door in order to give your pet back. Furthermore, for any additional follow-ups, re-checks, or lab results, a staff member will contact you via a phone call.

5. Please feel welcome to email us through the Contact Us page, message us on Facebook, or DM us on Instagram or Twitter @sanatogavet to let us know any of your suggestions, concerns, or questions anytime, or please call us during our regular business hours.