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Microchip Insertion

HAwebLogolargeWhen it comes to your pet's safety, you may want to strongly consider using Home Again Microchip Insertion as a pet retrieval system. There may be situations beyond your control where your pet may get separated from you and is unable to find their way back home.

Please watch the video below to learn more about Home Again Microchips, you can see a real veterinarian perform the insertion!

Microchipping involves the insertion of a small microchip under the skin of your pet. This chip is the size of a grain of rice and is coded with a registration number which is assigned within a centralized retrieval system. The pet owner must then contact the microchip company in order to pair the owner's information with the microchip. During the retrieval, the pet is scanned with a small hand held scanner which shows the pet's registration number. The registration, and insertion costs are minimal but would provide your pet with a permanent identification system. In addition, by having your pet microchipped, you can obtain a lifetime pet license from the state.

We provide microchip insertion services on the premises for your pets. If a lost pet is brought to us, we can scan for a microchip in order to reunite the pet with their loving family.

AAHA provides a Microchip Lookup Service! You can use this search tool to find the company with which the microchip is registered. If you find a lost pet with a microchip, the company can contact the owner.